REVEALED: The exact spots where World War Two bombs fell on Sheffield killing 660 people - nearly 80 years on

Sheffield was devastated by the bombing raids.
Sheffield was devastated by the bombing raids.
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The exact spots where huge German bombs fell on Sheffield during World War Two are to be revealed next week - nearly 80 years on.

The sites will be unveiled on a city centre walk - and participants will be able to find out the spots where bombs rained down on the city in December 1940 - and how they have helped shaped the story of Sheffield.

A spokesman for the 'Where Bombs Fell' walk said: "Why does Sheffield look the way it does? What have been the drivers for change and what role has design played in shaping the city?"

The route follows ten carefully selected sites where bombs fell through the Sheffield Blitz between December 12 and 15, 77 years ago.

Each site reveals a part of the story of Sheffield. What used to be here, what sits here now and how might the future look?

The Sheffield Blitz saw the German Luftwaffe pound the city - aiming for the city's heavy industry and steel and armament factories.

The first raid came on December 12 when more than 280 aircraft arrived over the city and dropped 16 high-explosive bombs and more than 11,000 incendaries.

Bombs fell on Campo Lane and Vicar Lane, demolishing the west end of the Cathedral while other bombs destroyed the C&A and Burtons buildings opposite the Marples Hotel in Fitzalan Square.

The second night of the Blitz on December 15 saw more than 11,520 incendiaries dropped and many steelworks received hits, including Hadfields, Brown Bayleys and Steel, Peech and Tozer Ltd.

In total over 660 people were killed, 1,500 injured and 40,000 made homeless. 3,000 homes were demolished with a further 3,000 badly damaged. A total of 78,000 homes received damage.

The event takes place on October 25 from 7pm to 9pm from outside the Sheffield Tap at the railway station. Tickets are £10.

The walk takes approximately an hour and a half. Please bring a torch, sturdy shoes, and a warm waterproof jacket / umbrella in case of rain.