REVEALED: The cost of keeping the kids entertained during the summer holidays for parents in Sheffield

The cost of the summer holidays for parents in Sheffield has been revealed
The cost of the summer holidays for parents in Sheffield has been revealed
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Parents in Sheffield will fork out an average of £1337 to keep their children entertained during the summer holidays, a study has revealed.

The study of 2,000 British parents has also revealed that the average family in Sheffield will spend this on: a one week holiday, two short breaks, ten day trips, treats, gifts, and childcare costs during the summer school holidays.

The report also reveals that the average parent in Sheffield has to take nine days off work in order to look after their children during the summer holidays.

The £1337 cost is broken down into £423.87 for holidays and short breaks, £396.20 for day trips, £386.77 for treats and gifts, and £130.19 for childcare.

The report also revealed that taking a traditional two holiday family holiday is becoming a tradition of the past for parents in Sheffield, as this summer just

14 per cent are taking a fortnight break, down from 21 per cent last year.

With around seven weeks to keep the children entertained, parents in Sheffield are now breaking up the traditional summer fortnight holiday and instead they are taking several short breaks – made up of an average of two breaks and ten day trips, giving children multiple breaks to look forward to.

The percentage of parents in Sheffield taking a multiple location break, staying in more than one place during a single trip away from home, has increased to 24 per cent from 21 per cent last year.

When asked, 85 per cent of parents in Sheffield say shorter breaks like this offer better value and help alleviate the problem of boredom during the school holidays.

The study was carried out by hotel chain Travelodge.