REVEALED: The 'best-performing' secondary schools in Sheffield

Secondary school pupils in Sheffield are making the expected progress overall, despite falling behind slightly when it comes to English.

Thursday, 12th October 2017, 11:46 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 7:46 am
Sheffield Park Academy achieved the highest 'Progress 8' score in the city

That's according to the latest school league tables, published this morning, which rank schools and local authorities on the average improvement made by students between leaving primary school and sitting their GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.

The 'Progress 8' score, which seeks to measure the strides taken by pupils, has replaced the raw data of A*-C grades as the key barometer for how well secondary schools are performing.

Tapton School was Sheffield's best performer based on more traditional measures

Sheffield's secondary schools scored an average of 0.01, which, with a positive figure meaning students are making better than expected progress and a negative one the reverse, suggests they are performing broadly in line with expectations.

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The average Progress 8 score for maths in the city was -0.01, which is again roughly average, but for English it was -0.17 and for the three highest grades in core subjects making up the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) it was -0.06.

However, students in Sheffield are making better than expected progress in other subjects, scoring 0.20 in the 'open slots' rating, which takes into account grades in EBacc subjects and those not counting towards the qualification.

The Progress 8 score is calculated by comparing pupils' results at key stage three, when they finish primary school, with their attainments aged 16, when they sit their GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.

Tapton School was Sheffield's best performer based on more traditional measures

Sheffield Park Academy in Manor Park achieved the highest Progress 8 score in the city, of 0.95 per cent.

It was one of six schools in Sheffield judged to be performing 'well above average', based on the measure, placing them within the top 12 per cent of schools nationally.

Claire Bailey, its head of school, said: "We are extremely pleased that, yet again, our Progress 8 score is among the highest in the city. This year our success in maths, science and languages has been particularly good.

"Progress 8 is a new measure but already is being used to demonstrate the strength of the working relationships between teachers and pupils and the impact of having such supportive parents."

UTC Sheffield, in the city centre, scored lower than any other mainstream school in Sheffield, with a rating of -1.19.

It was one of four mainstream schools in the city judged to be performing 'well below average', putting them in the bottom 12 per cent nationally.

Nick Crew, executive principal at UTC Sheffield, claimed its Progress 8 score painted a 'distorted picture' because its curriculum focuses not on academic subjects like other schools but on providing young people with the skills needed to power the regional economy.

He also pointed out that the college had less time to influence students' progress scores, as they join aged 14, not 11.

"“For our current year 11 students, changes have been made to the curriculum since the introduction of Progress 8 last year to make it more compatible, and current progress shows strong improvements against this measure," he added.

"We know from our data that young people’s progress accelerates once they join us, they achieve excellent technical results and benefit from fantastic employment, career and university prospects - including Cambridge University this year."

When it comes to the more traditional measures of attainment, Tapton School tops the table in Sheffield with an 'Attainment 8' score, based on results in up to eight qualifications, of 56.3 - 12.1 points above the national average.

High Storrs School and Tapton recorded the joint-best GCSE English and maths results, with 68 per cent of students at both schools getting grade five or above (equivalent to a high C or low B grade in old money) in those subjects.


Sheffield Park Academy: 0.95 (well above average)

Newfield Secondary School: 0.85 (well above average)

Handsworth Grange Community Sports College: 0.77 (well above average)

Sheffield Springs Academy: 0.66 (well above average)

Tapton School: 0.6 (well above average)

King Ecgbert School: 0.52 (well above average)

Silverdale School: 0.45 (above average)

Outwood Academy City: 0.32 (above average)

High Storrs School: 0.29 (above average)

Hinde House 3-16 School: 0.29 (above average)

Fir Vale School Academy Trust: 0.21 (above average)

Notre Dame High School: 0.19 (above average)

Firth Park Academy: 0.16 (average)

Ecclesfield School: 0.02 (average)

All Saints' Catholic High School: 0.01 (average)

King Edward VII School: -0.05 (average)

Parkwood E-Act Academy: -0.16 (average)

Forge Valley School: -0.23 (below average)

Westfield School: -0.23 (below average)

Meadowhead School Academy Trust: -0.32 (below average)

Birley Community College: -0.33 (below average)

Stocksbridge High School: -0.38 (below average)

Bradfield School: -0.6 (well below average)

Chaucer School: -0.63 (well below average)

Yewlands Academy: -0.88 (well below average)

UTC Sheffield: -1.19 (well below average)

* Bents Green School: -1.64 (well below average)

* Holgate Meadows School: -2.04 (well below average)

* Heritage Park School: -2.71 (well below average)

* special schools