Revealed: the 19 weird and wonderful items you can buy at Sheffield’s Moor Market

Things you never thought could be bought from Sheffield's Moor Market
Things you never thought could be bought from Sheffield's Moor Market
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Snails, folding walking sticks and diamond rings - here are 19 things you never thought could be bought from Sheffield’s Moor Market.

Sheffield Council has highlighted some of the more unusual items shoppers can pick up as it aims to boost footfall at the £18m facility.

The Moor Market

The Moor Market

1 Lovers of French cuisine can buy frog’s legs and snails from Tissington’s Frozen Food

2 A five-piece suit for children is for sale at the Snooze stall

3 Beauty treatments on offer include eyebrow threading at the Lash and Brow Bar

4 DAB radios are in tune at Longdens

The Moor Market

The Moor Market

5 Live crabs and lobsters are cracking at Barry’s Cod and Cockle

7 Chilli beer - as well as mead and whiskey cider - is pulled off the shelves at Beer Central

8 Chicken livers, gizzards and hearts - aside from ox tail, goat and mutton - are on the counters of Morleys Butchers

9 Rain hoods from Sew Right can protect against Sheffield’s disappointing weather

10 Shoppers can have a flutter on the National Lottery by buying a ticket from JSL News

11 Folding walking sticks, as well as mothballs and beeswax, are sold at JB Tools

12 Carved wooden Afro combs and weaved

13 Bubble tea - a Tawainese drink, usually including tapioca balls - at Cakelicious

14 Fresh Indian Snapper from Smith & Tissington’s

15 Selection of tahini sesane spreads including a chocolate one and Xanthan Gum for gluten free baking – S&J Pantry

16 Eddoes and dasheen, a potato like vegetables for soups and stews, at Grants

17 Diamond rings and gold watches from Longdens Jewelry

18 Marinated feta cheese and olives – Green Leaves

19 Urban style clothes- Little Kathmandu