REVEALED: Sheffield’s worst crime hotspots

The latest crime figures for Sheffield have been revealed
The latest crime figures for Sheffield have been revealed
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More than 6,000 crimes were reported across Sheffield in April, the latest figures show.

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In total there were 6,245 crimes reported in the city during the month, according to data published on

The stats equate to an average of 208 reported crimes a day in Sheffield during April.

Run by the Home Office uses official data of reported crimes across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Sheffield is split into four policing wards - Central, North East, South East and West, A breakdown of reported crimes by street in each ward is part of the published figures.

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Crimes are broken down into categories including burglary, bicycle theft, anti-social behaviour, robbery, shoplifting, theft from a person and other theft.

Other categories are criminal damage and arson, drugs, possession of weapons, public order, vehicle crime, and violence and sexual offences.

During April a total of 1,279 crimes were reported in Sheffield Central which covers the city centre and surrounding areas.

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In the same period 1,600 offences were reported in Sheffield North East.

Meanwhile, a total of 1,683 crimes were reported in Sheffield South East and the same number in Sheffield West.

To report a crime in Sheffield call South Yorkshire Police on 101.