REVEALED: The secret speed cameras in South Yorkshire that you might not spot

Not every speed camera in South Yorkshire comes in a bright yellow box.

Friday, 4th May 2018, 12:12 pm
Updated Friday, 4th May 2018, 12:16 pm

Motorists can also be caught out by and fined by traffic light cameras which are not as easy spot.

Unfortunately, there are no telltale signs to give away their locations so you probably have no idea that the cameras are even there.

So, if you’ve ever accidentally run a red light, it may not be clear whether or not you’ve been caught.

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Click on the link above to find out where these cameras are currently in use in South Yorkshire

Traffic light (or ‘red light’) cameras detect vehicles which pass through lights after they’ve turned red by using sensors or ground loops in the road.

When traffic lights are on red, the system becomes active and the camera is ready to photograph any car that passes over the trigger.

It’s an offence for any part of your vehicle to pass the white stop line if a traffic light has turned red.

The vast majority of red light cameras in the UK are made by Gatsometer.

These Gatso RLC 36 units also have built-in radar technology, with dual speed and red light functions, so avoid the temptation to put your foot down when they start to change.

This is because, when the lights are on green, the cameras switch to detecting speed.

So, if you go through the junction too quickly you will end up with a ticket - even though you probably didn’t know there was a speed camera there.

A data box is included in the photograph to show the date and time of the photographs, the speed of the vehicle as it passed the red light and, if necessary, a road lane identification.

To find out where these cameras are in South Yorkshire, click on the link above.