Revealed: Doncaster MP Caroline Flint's tax return

Caroline FlintCaroline Flint
Caroline Flint
Doncaster MP Caroline Flint has lifted the lid on her finances by publishing her tax details.

It follows Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to publish his own tax details yesterday.

Ms Flint revealed her total taxable Income for 2104/15 was £58,724, for which her total tax paid was £12,965.80

She is the first of Doncaster’s MPs to publish the details.

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She said: “I want to see more openness through the tax system, so I have no objection to providing details of my income and tax paid. It’s not very exciting, as it includes no offshore investments, family trusts or income from exotic sources.

“But let us not take our eye off the bigger issue of multinational enterprises transferring revenues to low or no tax countries to minimise their tax liabilities. Some of these corporations should be paying more tax for one week’s work than all of the MPs put together.

“I still hope the Government will support my bill on corporate financial transparency.”

Ms Flint is speaking today in the Second Reading of the Finance Bill, which she hopes to amend to force large multinationals to publish their revenue, tax and employment details. The Government is introducing regulations to ensure HMRC is supplied with these details, in keeping with the OECD’s country by country reporting standards. Ms Flint wants that information made public.