REVEALED: Best and worst performing schools in Sheffield as rated by Ofsted

The Star is today revealing the best and worst performing schools in Sheffield, as rated by Ofsted.

Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 5:55 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 9:53 am
Totley Primary celebrating their excellent OFSTED report

Up-to-date inspection reports of every school in Sheffield reveal that 77.1 per cent of city primaries and 65.5 per cent of secondaries have received one of the top two ratings.

But the figures reveal that some schools have not been visited by Ofsted in almost 10 years.

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Out of 26 Sheffield secondary schools, four are outstanding, 13 are good, five require improvement and four schools are rated inadequate.

The outstanding secondary schools are Silverdale, Ecclesall; King Ecgbert, Dore; Tapton, Crosspool; and Notre Dame, Ranmoor.

The inadequate secondary schools are Chaucer, Parson Cross; Yewlands, Grenoside; Forge Valley Community School, Malin Bridge; and Outwood Academy City, Stradbroke Road.

Out of 131 primary schools in the city, 18 are outstanding, 83 are good, 25 require improvement, and five are rated inadequate.

The outstanding primary schools are Totley All Saints Primary; Totley Primary; Dore Primary; Porter Croft CE Primary, Sharrow; Stocksbridge Juniors; The Nether Edge Primary; Loxley Primary; St Thomas Of Canterbury RC Primary, Meadowhead; Brightside Nursery and Infants; Oughtibridge Primary; Bradfield Dungworth Primary; Waterthorpe Nursery and Infants; Stannington Infants; Holt House Infants, Abbeydale; St Wilfrids RC Primary, Millhouses; Dobcroft Infants, Millhouses; Beighton Nursery and Infants; and Dobcroft Juniors, Millhouses.

The inadequate primary schools are Oasis Academy Fir Vale; Acres Hill Primary, Darnall; Firs Hill Primary, Pitsmoor; Hatfield Primary, Shiregreen; and Concord Juniors, Wincobank.

But the full Ofsted list reveals that 59 primary schools – 45 per cent – have not been inspected in the last two years.

And it also reveals that 12 city secondary schools – 46 per cent – have not been inspected by Ofsted in the last two years.

Coun Jackie Drayton, cabinet member for children, young people and families, said: “It is heartening that the proportion of good and outstanding schools in Sheffield has continued to increase and is at its highest level, with the vast majority of Sheffield schools delivering a good or outstanding education.

“Pupil achievement and progress across the city has also continued to rise over the last five years.

“Many of the improvements have been greatest where the local authority, working with school partners, has targeted its work and where some of the city’s good schools have supported those facing significant challenges.

“However, we are not, and never have been, complacent. We have high expectations that every child in Sheffield should go to a great school and achieve their full potential.

“That’s why we set up Learn Sheffield in July which follows on from the successful City Wide Learning body. This new school company will enable an acceleration of school-to-school improvement across the city as the evidence shows that is the most effective way to drive up educational standards.”

Secondary Schools:

Chaucer 12/04/2016 Inadequate

UTC Sheffield 02/02/2016 Good

Yewlands 06/10/2015 Inadequate

Firth Park Community Arts College 16/06/2015 Good

Birley 03/06/2015 Requires improvement

Fir Vale 02/06/2015 Good

King Edward VII 07/01/2015 Good

Westfield 09/12/2014 Requires improvement

Silverdale 15/10/2014 Outstanding

Meadowhead 07/10/2014 Good

Sheffield Springs Academy 30/09/2014 Requires improvement

All Saints 06/03/2014 Good

Stocksbridge 05/03/2014 Requires improvement

Parkwood 29/01/2014 Good

High Storrs 07/11/2013 Good

Ecclesfield 09/10/2013 Good

Sheffield Park 04/06/2013 Good

King Ecgbert 21/05/2013 Outstanding

Bradfield 08/05/2013 Good

Forge Valley Community School 26/03/2013 Inadequate

Tapton 05/12/2012 Outstanding

Newfield 08/11/2012 Requires improvement

Hinde House 07/11/2012 Good

Outwood Academy City 26/09/2012 Inadequate

Handsworth Grange 23/05/2012 Good

Notre Dame 18/09/2008 Outstanding

Primary Schools:

Norfolk P 13/04/2016 Requires improvement

Whiteways P 09/03/2016 Good

Bankwood P 09/03/2016 Good

Southey Green P 02/03/2016 Good

Anns Grove P 03/02/2016 Good

Totley All Saints P 26/01/2016 Outstanding

Halfway J 19/01/2016 Good

Brook House J 14/01/2016 Good

Oasis Academy Fir Vale 12/01/2016 Inadequate

Rivelin P 08/12/2015 Good

Greenhill P 02/12/2015 Requires improvement

Acres Hill P 24/11/2015 Inadequate

Lower Meadow P 20/10/2015 Requires improvement

Springfield P 07/10/2015 Good

Firs Hill P 07/10/2015 Inadequate

Fox Hill P 14/07/2015 Good

Totley P 14/07/2015 Outstanding

Byron Wood P 07/07/2015 Requires improvement

Watercliffe Meadow P 02/07/2015 Good

St Anns RC P 25/06/2015 Good

Wybourn P 23/06/2015 Good

E-ACT Pathways Academy 17/06/2015 Requires improvement

Hatfield P 09/06/2015 Inadequate

Hillsborough 04/06/2015 Good

Athelstan P 02/06/2015 Requires improvement

Deepcar St Johns J 13/05/2015 Good

Nether Green J 06/05/2015 Good

St John Fisher RC P 06/05/2015 Good

Marcliffe P 22/04/2015 Good

High Green P 21/04/2015 Good

St Patrick’s RC P 21/04/2015 Good

Rainbow Forge P 14/04/2015 Requires improvement

Dore P 25/03/2015 Outstanding

Meynell P 19/03/2015 Requires improvement

Porter Croft CE P 04/03/2015 Outstanding

Stocksbridge J 11/02/2015 Outstanding

Pye Bank CE P 03/02/2015 Requires improvement

Wisewood P 03/02/2015 Requires improvement

Carterknowle J 28/01/2015 Requires improvement

The Nether Edge P 28/01/2015 Outstanding

Mansel P 20/01/2015 Requires improvement

Ecclesfield P 14/01/2015 Good

Grenoside P 14/01/2015 Good

Lound I 13/01/2015 Requires improvement

Lound J 13/01/2015 Requires improvement

Loxley P 07/01/2015 Outstanding

Owler Brook P 10/12/2014 Good

Wharncliffe Side P 02/12/2014 Good

St Joseph’s RC P 02/12/2014 Good

Woodthorpe P 12/11/2014 Good

Stradbroke P 23/10/2014 Requires improvement

Manor Lodge P 21/10/2014 Requires improvement

Charnock Hall P 15/10/2014 Requires improvement

Gleadless P 23/09/2014 Requires improvement

Greengate Lane P 23/09/2014 Good

St Marys CE P 27/06/2014 Requires improvement

Sharrow P 04/06/2014 Good

Woodseats P 20/05/2014 Requires improvement

St Thomas Of Canterbury RC P 20/05/2014 Outstanding

Hunters Bar J 26/03/2014 Good

St Theresa’s RC P 26/03/2014 Good

Tinsley NI 25/03/2014 Good

Nook Lane J 19/03/2014 Good

Shortbrook P 11/03/2014 Good

Hartley Brook P 06/03/2014 Good

Westways P 05/03/2014 Requires improvement

Pipworth Community P 04/03/2014 Good

Limpsfield J 19/02/2014 Good

Abbey Lane P 18/02/2014 Good

Woodhouse West P 12/02/2014 Good

St Catherines RC P 15/01/2014 Good

Intake P 14/01/2014 Good

Halfway I 10/12/2013 Good

Wincobank NI 27/11/2013 Requires improvement

Windmill Hill P 07/11/2013 Good

Prince Edward P 06/11/2013 Good

Nether Green I 22/10/2013 Good

Brunswick P 15/10/2013 Good

Hallam P 17/09/2013

St Thomas More RC P 11/07/2013 Good

Netherthorpe P 18/06/2013 Good

St Maries RC P 12/06/2013 Good

Reignhead P 11/06/2013 Good

Brightside NI 06/06/2013 Outstanding

Birley Spa P 05/06/2013 Good

Lowedges P 04/06/2013 Requires improvement

Birley P 16/05/2013 Good

Lydgate I 15/05/2013 Good

Parson Cross CE P 08/05/2013 Good

Tinsley J 26/03/2013 Good

Emmaus CE P 12/03/2013 Requires improvement

Hunters Bar I 13/02/2013 Good

Oughtibridge P 13/02/2013 Outstanding

Sacred Heart RC P 18/12/2012 Good

Walkley P 05/12/2012 Good

Concord J 28/11/2012 Inadequate

Lydgate J 13/11/2012 Good

Phillimore P 02/10/2012 Good

Emmanuel J 02/10/2012 Requires improvement

Malin Bridge P 26/09/2012 Good

Bradway P 27/06/2012 Good

Clifford CE I 27/06/2012 Good

Angram Bank P 20/06/2012 Good

Monteney P 02/05/2012 Good

Ballifield P 05/03/2012 Good

Lowfield P 01/02/2012 Good

Meersbrook Bank P 25/01/2012 Good

Arbourthorne P 25/01/2012 Good

Norton Free P 10/01/2012 Good

Mosborough P 12/12/2011 Good

Greystones P 01/12/2011 Good

Coit P 10/11/2011 Good

Carfield P 04/10/2011 Good

Valley Park P 26/09/2011 Good

Beck P 20/09/2011 Good

Mundella P 19/09/2011 Good

Broomhill I 27/06/2011 Outstanding

Bradfield Dungworth P 24/05/2011 Good

St Marys RC P 16/05/2011 Good

Royd NI 09/05/2011 Good

Ecclesall CE J 28/03/2011 Good

Stocksbridge NI 03/03/2011 Good

Waterthorpe NI 10/11/2010 Outstanding

Shooters Grove P 19/10/2010 Good

Stannington I 01/10/2009 Outstanding

Holt House I 26/02/2009 Outstanding

St Wilfrids RC P 23/10/2007 Outstanding

Dobcroft I 15/05/2007 Outstanding

Beighton NI 14/03/2007 Outstanding

Dobcroft J 13/12/2006 Outstanding