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I FEEL compelled to write this letter to tell you about two young constables who helped me, and my wife at approximately 1.30 to 2pm on Friday, August 12 in the area, between Fitzalan Square and the bus interchange, in Sheffield.

We had left the interchange, after not getting any help in getting a taxi in the area.

We then started to go up the hill towards Fitzalan Square with our luggage.

I suffer with COPD, which restricts my breathing and was leaning against the wall trying to get my breath with my puffers.

At that point, a constable came up to me and asked if I wanted any help.

I said no, that I would be all right.

But he insisted.

So the constable and his colleague, the other a lady constable, took our luggage to the taxi and put it inside.

I thanked them, but forgot to take their numbers or names.

I would like to thank them again, as they have restored my faith in human nature.

It is good to know that there are still nice people in this world - and to meet two of them.

I also wanted somebody in charge to give them a pat on the back.

They deserve to be acknowledged as they are doing a good job, by making two senior citizens happy.

Instead of bad publicity which the police of the recent few weeks have received, they deserve praise.

Once again my wife and I thank these two officers, and hope they recognise themselves, with the help of the vague descriptions I have given you.

Mr C Hazeldine and Mrs M Hazeldine, Valentine Road, S5