RETRO: The time we gave away £100 of meat EVERY DAY for Sausage Week

There have certainly been some interesting competitions to grace The Star's pages over the years.

Have a butcher’s at this: The Star’s Sausage Week, from 27 years ago.

We’re not telling porkies: The Star gave away £100 of meat to a lucky winner every night for a week in 1989.

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£100 of meat would be an impressive haul today, so we can only speculate as to how many sausages were handed to winners in 1989.

The Star also ran this slightly disturbing cartoon sausage hero for the duration of the week as well as Sausage Week logos.

Also pictured in these photos are pupils from High Storrs School - who must have long since finished their education - and customers nibbling on freebie sausages at The Butchers in Orchard Square (which has sadly since closed).

And it would seem the city has a close history with the humble banger.

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Gold (and now silver) Olympic medallist Jessica Ennis-Hill had a sausage named after her back in 2012.

The Ennis Sausage, created by a Yorkshire firm, was the Yorkshire and Humberside winner of the best national sausage contest.

Did you win one of our £100 meat prizes? Or an even more unusual old Star or Telegraph competition over the years? We’d love to hear from you: get in touch with us at [email protected] or by tweeting @alexandercevans