RETRO: Generation Gatecrasher relived in club photographs

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We asked, and you delivered.

Last week The Star’s Retro pages lurched forwards in time to the legendary era of Gatecrasher and the Republic, alongside another nightclub, Tiffany’s, which met the same fiery end.

We requested that Star readers send in their photographs from the glory days of the Gatecrasher Generation, and here they are.

One reader, Rob McGeechan, sent in the images on this page.

They were taken in Republic in 1999, before it became Gatecrasher One.

The thinking behind the name is that it was to be the first and most important of the Gatecrasher sites across the country, although numbers on other sites never materialised.

The 1,350 capacity nightclub opened as Republic 20 years ago on Matilda Street, in 1996.

It wasn’t until 2003 that the building became Gatecrasher with a £1.5million refurbishment.

It is probably still Sheffield’s most famous former nightclub in its various guises.

Its conversion from a warehouse to a nightclub was masterminded by Manchester architects who created five separate rooms in a ‘post-modern’ style.

Republic and Gatecrasher soon became a national phenomenon that would pull in the punters from far and wide.

As Mr McGeechan told The Star: “When Gatecrasher moved to Sheffield, I would head up the M1 once a month. when I wasn’t DJing in clubs and bars in Northampton.

“Then in 1998 I decided I preferred clubbing to DJing and began making the pilgrimage up the M1 each week.

“It was mad. Everything about the place was perfect. The venue, the music, the crowd.

“Things went crazy with Gatecrasher and the club scene.

“All of sudden me and my best mate Lee where everywhere; on TV documentaries, plastered over magazines on a monthly basis, including front covers!”

Gatecrasher met its end on June 18, 2007.

The building caught fire that evening and eventually part of it collapsed - narrowly missing a group of firefighters who were on the scene at the time, according to media reports.

Smoke poured out and could be seen across the city.

For some time afterwards, the words ‘Gatecrasher will never die’ could still be seen sprayed on the chip board that had been erected outside the site of the once proud venue.