Resurfaced road row

Pensioner Emily Stringer outside her home in Wincobank.
Pensioner Emily Stringer outside her home in Wincobank.
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COUNCIL contractors have been criticised for resurfacing all the pavements on a Sheffield street - except the stretch measuring just a few feet outside a frail pensioner’s home.

Emily Stringer, aged 90 - who lives in a bungalow on Oakes Street, Wincobank - said the poor state of the pavement outside her house had caused her to fall over.

But Sheffield Council said the small section of pavement had been left out of the resurfacing project because it is owned by Mrs Stringer and not the council, meaning the upkeep is her responsibility.

Mrs Stringer said: “It’s only a very small stretch of pavement that they left, which is in very bad condition and I have fallen on it.

“It wouldn’t have cost much extra for them to have finished the whole length of the street, which would have been a big help for me.”

Neighbour Jean Isaac, aged 73, a retired pub landlady, agreed and said: “The pavement outside Mrs Stringer’s house is ever so rutted. She’s fallen on it before.

“I had to call out the doctor to give her a check-up.

“It’s only a small section of pavement that has been left when the contractors have resurfaced everywhere else, including into the gateway of a field. Surely they could have finished the stretch outside her home.”

Sheffield Council said it is having to be very stringent making sure public works projects stick to budget and that they cannot afford to go over - even if it is by just a small amount for work such as Mrs Stringer’s pavement.

Purse strings have been heavily tightened due to the authority making £84m of cuts this financial year.

Nick Hetherington, Sheffield Council’s head of street scene, said: “Unfortunately the section of footpath belongs to the property owner and is not part of the adopted highway.

“Only the adopted highway is included in the council’s resurfacing programme.”