Restriction is the first step to getting rid of travel pass

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My brother-in-law recently returned to Sheffield (where, up until three years ago he’d lived for some 25 years) from Manchester and tells me, that it seems even worse for wear amidst the on-going government economic policies for preserving the holders of wealth at the expense of everyone and everything else.

He tells me that the South Yorkshire Public Transport Executive have now begun to restrict the use of the concessionary travel pass (a first step on the road to getting rid of it, an idea floated by Nick Clegg?).

It may be of interest to Sheffield people, that in Manchester, holders of the pass may use the extensive and excellent network of trains, trams and buses and Travel for Greater Manchester has protected the concessionary travel pass.

I don’t know about Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle, but I doubt whether their residents have been subject to the attacks made on ordinary folk that those with power have inflicted on Sheffielders.

Thank God that there are people like the “Freedom Riders” who are getting together to take action s to show and be heard for the constructive use of public spending for a society which feels better to live in rather than one geared to making us poorer to ensure the rich can hold on to what they don’t need anyway.

Remember this: Britain is the sixth wealthiest nation state in the world.

JS Batsleer

Central Avenue, Manchester, M19 2EN