Restaurant chain in pledge to add to Sheffield workforce

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A FAST food giant has promised to create 95 new jobs for people in Sheffield this year.

Restaurant chain McDonald’s is set to take on an army of new employees to work in its branches in the city as part of a nationwide recruitment drive.

New employees will be given the chance to gain nationally recognised qualifications and improve their skills.

Franchisee Walter Wright, who owns two McDonald’s restaurants in Sheffield, said: “Last year we added some fantastic crew from the local community to our team, many of whom were starting out in their first job and may otherwise not have had the opportunity to join the world of work.

“As a local employer I believe it’s important for all those who can, to continue giving young people in particular the chance to get workplace experience.

“I’m confident that in the year ahead there will be the same level of enthusiasm and talent from candidates in Sheffield, and I’m looking forward to employing even more young people in my restaurants.”

Sammy Gough, 19, from Sheffield, who joined the Archer Road restaurant in June last year, said: “I wouldn’t have considered a career in customer service before working at McDonald’s but now I would love to stay for as long as I can.

“My manager knew I loved working at McDonald’s and wanted to learn more so recommended the apprenticeship scheme. I love a challenge and some of the projects are tough but it has made me a much better crew member.

“The apprenticeship scheme will really make me stand out to future employers as I’m getting a unique business qualification that will be extremely useful in any job. I can definitely see myself being a manager in a few years’ time, it’s a great job which I really enjoy and it’s amazing to be part of such a team.”