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As a proud owner of a greyhound I have recently added a cross-bred puppy to the family home. Imagine my horror, as someone who always picks up their dog’s mess, when I read the article What A Load Of Rubbish (April 17).

Not only is it unfairly one-sided, it also seems you could only find a picture of an overflowing dog bin to represent how terribly irresponsible we dog owners are. That picture does not represent how disgusting or irresponsible dog owners are. It purely represents the side of the argument you chose to blatantly leave out – we did our part, picked up our dogs mess.

Yet once again we are let down by the city council who repeatedly forget dog bins exist and need emptying.

I was so furious at this one-sided version of the true situation that I immediately went home, picked up my camera and walked to my nearest dog bin, which i knew full well would provide me with the images I needed. Once there, to prove my point on how much of a disgrace Sheffield City Council is at keeping their end of the bargain, I took this photo to show how not only is it full, it cannot open fully because it has not been emptied in weeks.

This is not the first time this has happened. I have owned a dog for many years and this has always been a problem. I have also often seen many a responsible dog owner prodding the bin’s contents with sticks to desperately make space so they can complete their part of the bargain.

Maybe if Sheffield City Council got a fine for leaving such a state for so long it would encourage them to do their part.

That way we would have somewhere to put our dog’s ‘disgraceful’ mess.

S Howarth