Responsible drinking to be encouraged by Rotherham group

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a NEW Community Alcohol Partnership is to be launched in Dinnington after successful trials in a number of areas around Britain.

The aim is to promote responsible drinking and to reduce access young people have to alcohol.

Organisations including South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council will work alongside local retailers.

The Partnership will advise young people on sensible drinking limits and help local communities to tackle alcohol-related problems.

One of its key roles will be to break down the barriers between retailers, publicans and enforcement agencies.

Councillor Jackie Havenhand said: “I am pleased to announce this new initiative by Rotherham Council and its partners.

“To reduce underage drinking, and to promote responsible drinking, we need to work together with those who sell alcohol to better understand the problems they face.

“The knock-on effects of binge drinking to individuals and local communities can be severe and together we can bring about a change in attitudes and behaviour.

“The Community Alcohol Partnership will build on our successful programme of enforcement and preventative activity, such as the business training given to retailers.”

Baroness Newlove, chairman of Community Alcohol Partnerships, said “I want to encourage people to work together to create better, safer and friendlier neighbourhoods.”