Respect works both ways

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I MADE a fatal mistake recently, daring to catch a bus into the town centre at ‘twirly’ time.

Shopping trolleys, walking sticks, double seats and general uproar as the clock struck 9am and they advanced en bloc onto the bus.

Forget queuing, it’s not for them. But where were they all going?

It was clear that some were just going for a ride to the other end and back before the lunch club opened; well it helps pass the day, you could say. But it’s galling when they pack the bus, moan incessantly about kids with kids on their bus and their total abuse of anyone with a skin tone slightly darker than their own. No doubt it was different in their day, but was it any better? I don’t think so. I hope I never get old, and if I do, I hope I deal with it in a better way. They tell us ‘we should respect our elders’ but for me it works both ways.

Mick Ibbotson, Piper Close, S5