Residents urged to stay calm over problems in area

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‘If something like this is happening, I wouldn’t put up with it and I wouldn’t expect other people to, either,” Sheffield MP David Blunkett told residents as they met to discuss problems facing Page Hall.

But the Brightside and Hillsborough MP, who represents the area, urged people to stay calm and let the authorities tackle the situation.

He said: “There is a whole range of problems such as health and education.

“With children at risk - there are major issues which must be tackled.”

Mr Blunkett added: “With rubbish and litter, we need to examine if we can issue on the spot fines and if we could get more CCTV coverage, that would be something.”

“We have to change behaviour on the street - to get people to understand that large groups are intimidatory.

“We also need to find a resolution to overcrowding and anti-social behaviour in housing areas.”

He continued: “We need to look with the Department for Work and Pensions to see whether there are people who are not adhering to the rules about the habitual residence test - namely, do they have a job?”

Mr Blunkett also revealed he has already visited Bulgaria at his own expense to discuss with officials about the next possible wave of expected economic migrants, who will be allowed free passage across Europe from January 2014.