Residents upset by park events drinks licence bid

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PLANS to hold public events with alcohol on sale in a Sheffield park have caused controversy among residents living in the surrounding area.

Sheffield Council’s parks department is applying for permission to hold outdoor events and serve booze at Greenhill Park, Lowedges, between 8am and 10pm seven days a week – though in practice there would be just a handful of events each year.

But the proposals, being considered at a meeting of the licensing board during the coming week, have met with opposition from residents.

Gaynor Anderson, of Lowedges Close, said: “I live overlooking the park and feel this would encourage more crime and disorder in the area. The noise is very bad from the park as it is, and we cannot have the windows open as the sound carries.”

Neighbour Valerie Ellen added: “I am objecting because there is already anti-social behaviour in the park – drinking, drugs.”

Lowedges Crescent resident Valerie Brittain said: “People around here have babies and small children and most of us have to work for a living. Late night drinking will affect us all.

“I cannot see any benefit at all to encourage sale of alcohol in a public park. Why not have a cafe that sells tea, coffee and soft drinks instead? Then at least the elderly and young mothers will have somewhere to go.

“All this will do is produce more noise and litter in the park and encourage unruly behaviour.”

The application has been made by Kevin Cheetham, outdoor events manager for Sheffield Council’s city centre and major events team.

Mr Cheetham said: “All events will be administered according to the council’s procedures with risk assessments, management and production plans in place.

“Sheffield Council’s child protection procedures will be followed in relation to CRB checks, preventing young people’s access to alcohol, having designated drinking areas and provision for lost children.

Events would be held between 8am and 10pm.”

There have been no problems with major events held in other parks run by Sheffield Council.