Residents told armed police incident in Sheffield was "nothing to do with" with Manchester terror attack

Armed police in Sheffield
Armed police in Sheffield
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A man was seen being led away from a Sheffield estate by officers as armed police responded to a disturbance earlier this afternoon.

Unmarked police cars sped down Shirecliffe Road at around 2.30pm this afternoon as they responded to a disturbance at a flat.

Police closed the road before armed police in riot shields, police dogs and an emergency ambulance arrived on the scene.

Around 3pm, a man was led away by armed officers and put into a police before the road was reopened shortly afterwards.

Frightened onlookers said they were reassured by police that the incident was not in relation to Monday's terror attack in Manchester.

Resident Mark Law said his wife and five children were too scared to leave their flat during the incident.

He said: "I was very worried. My children have locked themselves in their bedroom upstairs.

"An unmarked police car flew up the road like a shot. That's when I knew that it was something serious.

"I finished work around the corner but the police wouldn't let me down my road. I had no idea what was happening.

"All they told me was that it was nothing to do with Monday."