Residents thanked for recycling in Barnsley

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Barnsley Council’s waste collection service has thanked residents for their recycling efforts.

The council said the recycling rate for the town has risen to 52.85 per cent over the past 12 months.

It is urging those who recycle products to ‘wash and squash’ to make life for staff more pleasant.

A spokesman said: “Washing tins and plastic bottles makes it a more pleasant job when recyclable items are being sorted while squashing them flat, or tearing cardboard into smaller pieces, means there is room in the bins to recycle even more and people might be able to put their bins out less frequently.

“Residents are also asked not to overfill their bins as when the lids aren’t shut flat - it’s harder to load them onto the waste vehicles and can also lead to litter being blown along the streets during windy weather.

“Extra items for recycling can be put in a bag and left next to recycling bins as side waste; residents are asked not to tie these bags to their bins as it makes collecting them more difficult.”

Councillor Roy Miller said: “Thanks to everyone for working with us to recycle.

“Once again we have managed to increase our recycling rate. Please don’t forget all those plastic bottles found in your bathrooms can also be recycled.”

The council uses brown bins for food tins, drink cans, glass bottles and jars and plastic bottles.

The blue bins are for cardboard, paper and garden waste.

People who need a larger recycling bin or extra recycling bins can collect them from Smithies Depot, Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm.

Visit for details.