Residents support Sheffield Council crackdown on speeding

Speed monitoring
Speed monitoring
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Woodseats residents supported a proposal to lower the speed limit to 20mph on The Dale.

It is the latest area to be addressed in a city-wide scheme to make the maximum speed limit 20mph on all residential roads.

In a report by Sheffield City Council, officers said by making the change the number and severity of road accidents will decrease.

“It is well known that speed is a primary cause of collisions that result in death or serious injury and pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable road users when in the presence of speeding vehicles”, said superintendent Simon Wanless, head of the road policing group.

“Within our local residential areas we know that the collision rates, when these factors come into play, are too high and need to be addressed.”

Action will be taken on the area, which is next to Woodseats Primary School and includes The Dale and part of Scarsdale Road, after a consultation with residents in which seven people responded, all expressing support of the change. Of those, three people raised concerns about how the speeding limit would be enforced.

One resident said: "What measures will be taken to ensure that drivers adhere to the proposed limit of 20mph?”

CycleSheffield also responded and said: “We think the council should go further and introduce a 20mph zone covering all Woodseats including Chesterfield Road where the majority of accidents in this area occur and so where a 20mph limit will have the most benefit.”

A total of 17 areas have had their speed limits lowered since 2012 with a further 18 to go. The Council estimate hundreds of roads will be included and the overall cost of implementing the scheme is around £21k.

The report states any road where the average speed is 24mph or below is automatically earmarked to have the speed limit lowered. Any between 24mph and 27mph are considered on a case by case basis and those above 27mph are not included unless more capital funding is provided.