Residents stuck in a rut, research finds

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most Sheffield residents are stuck in a rut and fear change, according to a new study.

The research found three quarters of city adults constantly put off making changes in all areas of their lives.

The survey was undertaken by energy company E.ON, which found people were reluctant to alter their hairstyle, job, bank account and energy supplier.

The main reasons given for putting off making life changes ranged from not knowing where to start to being too lazy and not having enough time.

But seven out of 10 said they would make changes. Half said they would change for health reasons and a similar number to take advantage of rewards or offers.

E.ON said it had launched a new online tool and simpler tariffs to make comparing energy deals easier.

Guy Esnouf from E.ON said: “We want to encourage everyone to think about what parts of their lifestyle they can alter to reap the financial and emotional benefits of embracing change.”