Residents reach for chopsticks

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PEOPLE in Sheffield are reaching for their chopsticks more than ever before – with the average person feasting on 68 Chinese meals a year, according to a new survey.

The younger generation is spearheading the surge in interest in exotic cuisine, with on average, residents aged 25 to 34 each tucking into two oriental meals a week and forking out £1,700 a year on Chinese food.

And twice as many of those aged 18 to 24 enjoy foreign-style food – using chopsticks to eat it – as over-55s, according to research by Tsingtao Legacy of Taste, a competition to find the UK’s best Chinese restaurant.

The survey found the average Sheffielder spends £833.70 each year on Chinese meals.

James Wright, the competition’s lead judge, said: “Sheffield’s younger palates are leading the way when it comes to eating ethnic food.

“It’s due to the UK having some of the finest Chinese restaurants outside China.”