Residents poke fun at ‘obvious error’ on car park sign in Sheffield City Centre

An eagle-eyed resident has poked fun at an an ‘obvious word order error’ on a car park sign in Sheffield city centre.

Friday, 15th March 2019, 11:47 am
Updated Friday, 15th March 2019, 11:48 am
Devonshire Street - Google Maps

Tim Dennell was parking his car in Fitzwilliam Street Car Park, by Devonshire Green, when he noticed some interesting wording on a nearby sign. 

He realised that instead of the sign stating ‘Welcome to Fitzwilliam Street Car Park’, it instead reads ‘Welcome to Fitzwilliam Car Park Street’. 

Devonshire Street - Google Maps

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Tim posted: “Whoever did the lettering couldn’t quite work out the correct word order.”

The picture has prompted a great deal of amusement from residents on social media with some pointing out other road sign mistakes in Sheffield. 

Rick Cowling posted: “You had one job…” while Allen Broomhead stated: “I had to read in twice. Doh!”

Peter Jackson wrote: “Sheffield Council what else did you expect?” and Linda Thompson posted: “And you trust these people to run your life.”

Dean Keith wrote: “He's using all the right words ........but not necessarily in the right order!”

Beth Cannings wrote: “Good standards don’t matter these days!"

Jan Wilson pointed out that a number of signs on Lowedges were spelt incorrectly, some referring to it as one word while others printed it as ‘Low edges’. 

In October. residents were left confused over a spelling error referring to ‘Hazlebarrow Road’ as ‘Hazelbarrow’. 

John Clarke, who spotted the error, said: “Hazlebarrow was named after the Hazlebarrow Farm, as the estate is built on the fields of the farm but in the Sheffield archive it's spelt Hazelbarrow. Nobody knows how to spell it.”

Philip Beecroft, Head of Highway Maintenance at Sheffield City Council said: “We can confirm that the correct name for these streets is in fact Hazlebarrow. This is evidenced in Ordnance Survey maps from as far back as 1971.

“However, we are now aware that on some of the older road signs, which were erected many years ago, the spelling is incorrect and these will be rectified in the next few days.”