Residents’ lives blighted by cars

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Whilst most free-thinking and independent people will agree the lack of parking at Crystal Peaks for customers and staff cannot be tolerated any longer, is there a solution that will pacify all parties?

With the shortage of suitable land I fear that there is no quick fix.

Indeed various research papers have suggested that more spaces will attract even more cars and exacerbate the situation.

I have heard people suggest several possible solutions to the problem, from banning all cars from the immediate vicinity to the construction of a multi-storey car park with a pay- on-entry barrier.

The main concern must be for the residents whose lives are being blighted by the inconsiderate parking of some visitors and staff to Crystal Peaks and Drakehouse.

It is an offence to park on a pavement, to block access to driveways and to double park, causing difficulties to service vehicles.

Regular policing of these roadways and warnings will, I have no doubt, have a temporary effect but where will the cars go?

No-one has mentioned the plight of the licensees of the three pubs in the immediate vicinity of the Peaks and the retail park.

I have witnessed the car park at The Milestone full of an assortment of vehicles at 10am.

I have tried and failed to park to eat at this hostelry and we have been compelled to take our business and money elsewhere.

Apparently, shoppers are allowed to park in the pub car park even though they may not be patrons. This must be impacting upon the business of the licensee – a crazy situation I think most will agree.

RD Tew