Residents left in dark after power failure

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Residents in Sheffield are furious after they were left in the dark without working street lights for five weeks.

Lamps had not been switched on from the end of April until May 31 at Turie Avenue, Turie Crescent, Colley Road, Wheata Road and part of Rokeby Road due to a power fault.

Despite repeated complaints by residents, it took five weeks for Northern Power Grid to restore the electricity supply.

Retired design engineer, Dennis Ledger, 79, of Turie Avenue, complained about the problem.

Mr Ledger said: “Every time I rang up they said it’s being sorted but it has taken ages to get anything done about it.

“We were being strung along, telling us they have fixed the problem but they haven’t.

“With it being dark, they were leaving it wide open for trouble and muggings.”

Northern Power Grid, which supplies the electricity to the lights, said the problem was due to a technical fault in the area.

They said engineers had been on site in Parson Cross, trying to fix the problems but one side of Colley Road had been left in darkness longer

Infrastructure support provider Amey, which is responsible for the maintenance of street lights in the city, reported the problem to Northern Power Grid following complaints from residents.

A statement from the company said: “The fault with these street lights is being caused by a recurring problem on the electricity supply network which provides power to them.

“This has been reported to Northern Power Grid and several attempts to identify and repair the fault have been made, but every time power is restored, the fault re-occurs.”