Residents’ fury at ‘scrapyard’ garden

scrapram'40 Woolley Wood Road, Shiregreen
scrapram'40 Woolley Wood Road, Shiregreen
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RESIDENTS are facing prosecution for making neighbours’ lives a misery by using their Sheffield garden as a scrapyard two years after being ordered to stop.

People living near the property on Woolley Wood Road, Shiregreen, say they are plagued by lorries delivering scrap metal during the day and late into the evening and by parked vans and trucks obstructing the narrow street.

In 2010, Sheffield Council issued an enforcement notice ordering Lee Mayfield and Susanne Biggs to ‘remove pallets, scrap metal and other equipment which is associated with dismantling and breaking of vehicles’.

They were also given an Untidy Land Notice ordering them to remove waste from their front garden and drive.

But one Woolley Wood Road resident said: “We want a quiet and peaceful family life, but it’s far from it.

“Woolley Wood Road is full of trucks, vans and lorries – they seem to think this road is their own scrapyard.”

The problem has been reported to Sheffield Council, which has now pledged to take further action.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “We can confirm that we have been alerted to this situation getting worse again and have investigated the matter straight away.

“As a result we will be reporting to the planning committee very soon for possible further enforcement action.

“A prosecution file is being prepared for the non-compliance of an enforcement notice.

“The council’s highways and planning departments are working together to take further enforcement action against the vehicles on the highway.”