Residents’ complaint over ‘shoddy’ works

Weeds at edge of newly-resurfaced footpath
Weeds at edge of newly-resurfaced footpath
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Residents have complained about ‘shoddy’ workmanship after Sheffield Council contractors left weeds growing beside newly-laid surfacing.

The plants remained in a small strip between gleaming asphalt and a concrete retaining wall on Clifton Lane, Handsworth.

Resident Mick Crownshaw questioned why the weeds had not been removed and asphalt laid up to the retaining wall.

A spokeswoman for Sheffield Council contractor Amey said: “Our usual practice is to use a machine to remove any weeds in the edges of the road.

“However, on this occasion we were unable to get the machine any closer without damaging the wall.

“We will be returning to clear out the weeds by hand and resurface the remaining area.”