Residents' anger as Doncaster village is swamped by thousands of flies

Angry residents have called for action in a Doncaster area village they say is being swamped by thousands of flies.

Thursday, 13th July 2017, 10:42 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:44 am
Rossington is being plagued by flies.

Rossington residents say the are has been infested with scores of the buzzing insects over the last few days - with some claiming the plague has left them feeling ill.

Upset locals have been taking to the Rossington Community Forum page on Facebook complaining of the problem and demanding action to tackle the issue.

Michelle Rowlinson Wilkinson wrote: "Something needs to be done about these flies. I'm putting a new fly strip up every day and there's hundreds.

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"It's disgusting - it is driving me crazy and I'm too poorly for all the stress."

Chris Wolsey added: "B***** horrible - can't have doors open and its red hot - disgusting killed loads today."

Kacie Morgan said: "I think the whole village is just rife with them."

And Mel James posted: "Does my head in. I'm constantly walking round with the fly spray."

Residents have been reporting the problem to both Doncaster Council and the Environment Agency and one upset resident, Christopher Inglis, said: "My mum phoned Environment today.

"We are snided with them on Bankwood. I went to the tip today chucked two bags in the household waste and hundreds and hundreds flew out so they are breeding there."

Viv Pashley-Baker wrote: I am absolutely 'gobsmacked' that nobody has become seriously ill with all the damned germ ridden flies that are about.

"It's disgraceful what you are all having to put up with...doesn't ANYONE who has any clout give a damn about you all????"