Residents against plans for phone mast at “accident blackspot”

More than 50 residents are opposing plans to put a mobile phone mast at a junction which they say is an “accident blackspot”.

Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 1:54 pm
Resident Paul Brindley has created this graphic of how the mast might look

EE wants to place a 12.5m mast and four cabinets at the junction of Sandygate Road, Coldwell Lane, Sandygate Grange Drive and Carsick Hill Road at Crosspool.

But local residents say the junction is already dangerous and the mast will block the sight line for drivers. They are also unhappy about it being placed outside a listed building.

Resident Paul Brindley, who has created a graphic of how the mast could look, said: “We are not in total opposition to the mast, we appreciate it needs to go somewhere, but this is not a suitable location and better alternatives exist.

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“The site is a grass verge and is currently a designated highway sight line. The mast and four cabinets would significantly block the sight line if turning out of Sandygate Grange Drive and particularly if exiting from Coldwell Lane.

“Given that this is an accident blackspot with on average an accident once every two years and the fact that we hear car horns, along with screeching tyres and shouts from cyclists, on a daily basis, the siting of the mast here seems highly inappropriate.

“The junction is also extremely dangerous for pedestrians and the route is used by children attending the nearby schools. Reducing the visibility can only make things worse.”

Mr Brindley says people are also unhappy about the mast and cabinets being placed outside The Lodge.

He said: “The proposed site is directly to the front of a Grade II listed building, The Lodge. There are more appropriate alternatives in close vicinity of the proposal that should have been considered by the applicant but were overlooked.

“The applicant did not consider putting the mast on floodlights at the football ground opposite the proposed site, where previous permission for a mast had been granted.”

EE declined to comment. The application is due to be considered by the planning committee next month.