Rescue dog finds kittens abandoned in Sheffield

Kittens rescued in Ecclesfield
Kittens rescued in Ecclesfield
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These four freezing little kittens were found abandoned in Sheffield after being cruelly dumped by their owners.

The black and white kittens were discovered in an area between Shiregreen and Ecclesfield – by a dog who knows all too well what it is like to be abandoned.

Kittens rescued in Ecclesfield

Kittens rescued in Ecclesfield

Mark Moore, of Ecclesfield, was walking with Border Collie Ben, when the three-year-old discovered the kittens near Hartley Brooke Dyke yesterday morning.

The 52-year-old wrapped up the kittens in his jumper and took them home to wife Janet, who is now seeking to rehome them.

Janet, 50, said: “Ben ran over to the long overgrown grass and the kittens all jumped up. They were huddled together.

“My husband rang me, and I told him to wrap them in his sweatshirt and bring them home.

Kittens rescued in Ecclesfield

Kittens rescued in Ecclesfield

“We got them inside and put them in a pet cage and gave them some food. They were starving and scared.

“Shelters are absolutely overrun with abandoned animals, so I thought I would try and find them new homes.”

Ben had been abandoned twice when he was taken in by Janet and Mark in May. The couple had fallen in love with him at Willow Dog Rescue, in Barnsley.

He was underweight, had little fur and was desperate for a loving home.

Janet said: “My husband would have probably walked past the kittens if Ben wasn’t there. It’s nice that a rescue dog found them.”

n Anyone who can give the kittens a home should call Janet on 07722007556 or Debbie at Pets are Pals in Chapeltown on 0114 250004.