Rescue as man trapped at Rotherham steel site

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News: Latest from The Star.
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A STEEL worker was rescued after becoming trapped in machinery this morning.

The man, thought to be in his thirties, was stuck between a metal bar and wall at Tata Steel on Doncaster Road, Dalton.

Fire crews from Rotherham freed the employee and, with paramedics, carried him down six flights of stairs in an evacuation chair at about 6.10am.

Watch manager Mark Radford said the man had back and pelvic injuries which were not thought to be serious.

He added: “He had got stuck between a metal wall and a metal bar, he was released from that quite easily but sustained some injuries.

“He’s just started a shift, it’s thought the machinery moved and he was in the way.

“We liased with the ambulance service and carried him all the way to the bottom level.

“He had back and pelvis injuries, not thought to be serious but enough that we had to take care in getting him down.”