Reports on vice girls in Doncaster has rocketed

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Complaints about prostitution in Doncaster have rocketed by two-thirds in just a year according to new crime figures.

And cases of domestic violence also continue to rise according to the statistics.

Police say the rise in domestic violence –by more than 12 per cent – is because victims ‘have more confidence’ in police, so more incidents are being reported.

The figures show complaints about prostitution have increased to almost 20 a month.

The problem is mainly concentrated around the Town Fields and Wheatley areas, according to a new report for Doncaster Council’s adults and communities overview and scrutiny panel.

Between April and September 2012, there were 153 complaints to police.

However, for the same period this year the figure went up to 254 – an increase of 66 per cent.

Police have said the increase has been caused by more kerb crawlers in the area, a reduction in certain outreach support services and changes to benefits.

Officers are tackling the problem by cracking down on people picking up prostitutues – so far, 20 have been made to pay for their own ‘Change Programme’ scheme to reduce their likelihood of reoffending.

Temporary Inspector Carl Lindley said: “All offenders received a caution and each paid £200 to run the scheme.

“The scheme is funded by the offenders themselves, meaning there is no cost to the public.

“The first schemes in Doncaster were completed in August and October and have actually generated a further £1,000 in available funding, which is to be presented to the affected community.

“A further six kerb crawlers who were either not eligible for the scheme, or failed to attend, will be reported to Doncaster Magistrates’ Court.”

He said extra help and deterrents are also being put in place for persistent sex workers.

Meanwhile, cases of domestic violence are also continuing to rise.

Incidents reported in September 2013 rose to 766, an increase of 12.3 per cent on the same month last year.

Of those, the number of ‘high-risk’ cases continued to rise with 347 referrals this year, compared with 250 in the same period last year – a 39 per cent increase.

As part of the strategy to tackle domestic abuse, Doncaster GPs are being trained in recognising the signs and police officers attending violent incidents are wearing body cameras to gather evidence to support prosecutions.

Superintendent Peter Norman, who is in charge of partnerships and neighbourhoods in Doncaster, said the force welcomed receiving an increased number of calls from victims of domestic abuse.

He said: “Locally and nationally, the police work extremely hard with statutory and voluntary agencies to encourage victims to come forward.

“National figures estimate only one in four victims comes forward, so we interpret this rise in reports as a sign victims have more confidence in the police and improved victim services across Doncaster and South Yorkshire.

“South Yorkshire Police will always take positive action whenever and wherever we can to protect victims and their families.”