Report tells of moments before killing

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The events leading up to the fatal stabbing of Casey Leanne Kearney on St Valentine’s day this year are outlined in the report.

The 13-year-old left her home in Rossington at lunchtime to catch a bus to town and got off at Elmfield Park, intending to walk through the park to her friend’s house.

As she walked through the park, not far from the filled-in ornamental pond, she was approached by Bonser - a complete stranger - who stabbed her in the abdomen.

Bonser wallked off in the direction of Bennetthorpe leaving Casey bleeding to death, although she was able to call 999 on her mobile as passers-by came to her aid.

The teenager died eight hours later in DRI with doctors unable to stem the bleeding.

Bonser, aged 27, of St James Street, Doncaster, with a history of mental health problems since childhood, then walked to the Rethink mental health charity in Town Moor and confessed to stabbing someone.

Police arrived shortly afetrwards to arrest her and quickly linked her with the Elmfield Park incident.

At her trial in July a jury at Sheffield Crown Court found her guilty of murder, not manslaughter, and the judge sentenced her to life with a minimum terms of 22 years.

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