Report shows help is needed

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SCHOOLS across the city have a number of challenges, not least the need to improve academic attainment.

And one of the organisations charged with supporting headteachers and the staff is the governing body.

These are made up of a combination of co-opted people from society, parents, volunteers and teaching staff.

But a report into their overall effectiveness has indicated they are failing to give schools the support they need.

It is essential help and training is provided to governors to help them to improve their performance.

The report to the city council is helpful and should not be seen as a stick with which to berate governors but a warning that more should be done to recruit and train quality governors to help schools attain their tough targets.

Keep a sense of proportion

THINGS appear to be looking up for the manufacturing sector.

Recovery is still fragile and needs to be underpinned by increased funding for innovation and cash flow, but the Top 50 Manufacturers survey, published in Star Business and based on data produced by Sheffield University’s Management School, shows increased profitability, despite reduced sales.

It’s a salutary fact, however, that the turnaround has been achieved at a time when the number of jobs the region’s top manufacturers provide has declined by a tenth. We need manufacturing to survive and thrive for the good of the local and the national economy.

But the Government, in particular, needs to keep a sense of proportion when it comes to making predictions about the prospects of manufacturing providing jobs for those who are losing theirs in the public sector.

Doing good deeds

WHETHER it is pounding the streets or stripping off, our readers certainly are a game lot...and it is almost always in a good cause.

That is why we are delighted to report on the many different way you dream up to raise money for charity.

Latest are a team of 21 Sheffield bus drivers who stripped off for a charity calendar to bring in much needed money for Sheffield Children’s Hopsital Charity and a group of runners who are set to cover a gruelling 150 miles to raise cash for the Neurocare charity.

These are tough times and cash is hard worn. But the efforts of these true people’s champions show that there is confidence that people still recognise a good deed and will respond accordingly.