Report reveals pets getting fatter and more aggressive

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A NEW animal welfare report reveals thousands of pets in Sheffield will become more aggressive, overweight and prone to illness due to gaps in the knowledge of their owners.

Findings from the animal wellbeing report, by charity PDSA, revealed 
32 per cent of owners in Sheffield reported they had been bitten or attacked by a dog.

And more than half said they knew someone else who had been bitten or attacked.

And inappropriate diets – one of the main causes of the UK’s pet obesity epidemic – show no signs of letting up.

The report, based on a survey of owners, suggested diets were set to get worse.

According to the survey, 89 per cent of owners in Sheffield understand overweight pets will have shortened life spans, but diets are being influenced by human emotion rather than an understanding of what pets really need, with half of all owners feeding treats because of the short-term happiness it brings to their animal companions.

And 28 per cent of owners admitting feeding treats because it makes them feel happy.