Report boost for 20mph campaigners

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CAMPAIGNERS calling for a reduction in the speed limit to 20mph on residential Sheffield streets say they have received a boost from a report giving “compelling evidence” about how the lower limit could cut deaths and injuries.

The document, written by NHS directors of public health in the north west, strongly recommends a general 20mph speed limit, without humps and bumps, on residential roads. Sheffield had two fatal road collisions last year, both involving adults.

Green Party Central Ward councillor Rob Murphy, who is supporting the campaign for a city-wide 20mph limit in residential areas, said: “This report presents compelling evidence that 20mph limits in residential areas could dramatically reduce death and serious injury. It indicates more than 80 per cent of child casualties are on roads with 30mph speed limits.

“Sheffield clearly will benefit from 20mph speed limits on residential roads but the Lib Dems won’t introduce the citywide scheme. I urge all Sheffielders to attend their next Community Assembly meeting to demand their area should be a ‘20s Plenty’ zone. The Lib Dems say 20mph limits should be considered on a case-by-case basis.