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I am a resident near Rustlings Road and have the same issue with a decision having been taken to remove the tree outside my house on Cliffe Farm Drive.

In this instance it is a cherry blossom tree which was in all its splendour only a few weeks ago.

For the same reasons as those raised regarding the trees on Rustlings Road we would like to see the council and Amey reconsider their decision to remove the cherry blossom tree and replace with a golden birch which will be much smaller in stature and won’t give us the beautiful display of blossom every spring, which is a hallmark of this cul de sac.

The reason given on the notice attached to the tree is the damage it is causing – to nearby boundary walls – that would be our boundary wall and although not an expert on trees we can’t see evidence of that and would like to have been consulted when the decision was made.

It was one of the reasons we bought the house on this road, and offers a welcome respite now that the road at times is busier with cars and is our view from the front of the house.

Every day now when we return to the road we hold our breath wondering if they are going to have removed it while we were out.

As our seven-year-old said – why would they remove a large tree that’s beautiful and replace with a much smaller one which won’t reach the same size in our lifetime.

We estimate this one was planted in 1965 when the road was built.

I have lodged a complaint with the council and Amey – the automated response and the manner in which it was recorded has left me doubtful that anything will be done before the tree is removed.

The response I got on the phone was that the decision has been made by their specialist tree advisers and so there was nothing I could do, but I could raise a complaint with the council.

Again we are not tree experts but struggle to see why this tree is being removed.

We have asked in the complaint that if they insist that it has to go after reconsidering and explaining the damage to us – that it is replaced with another blossom tree so the nature of the road is not changed.

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