Repayment anguish of debt mum

Samantha Collier.
Samantha Collier.
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A MUM who paid a debt firm more than £1,200 was left distraught when she discovered some creditors had received just £1.50.

Samantha Collier, aged 42, paid One Debt Solution £110-a-month over 11 months out of her benefits to try to reduce the £14,000 she owes.

But after being bombarded with letters and calls from increasingly irate creditors she rang the company and was told £1,000 was still in her client account.

She cancelled the agreement and rang Action Desk after waiting three months for a refund.

The mum-of-four, of Knutton Road, Parson Cross, racked up debts with 19 creditors over more than a decade. But she was unable to afford the repayments after splitting from her husband in 2005.

She turned to a debt management firm to keep creditors at bay, and signed with One Debt Solution in December 2009 after it offered her a better deal.

She said: “I cannot tell you the hassle I have had from creditors because they had received no regular payments from this company. I’ve had the phone cut off it got so bad. In that time I received one letter from a creditor saying they had received £1. Now I’ve cancelled I just want my money back.”


STEVE Ainsworth, of One Debt Solution, said the refund delay was human error and a cheque for £1,055 was in the post.

He said £265 had gone to creditors before she cancelled. The firm fought to reduce clients’ debt and the process could take over a year.

He said: “Maybe we haven’t explained it the best possible way. We will follow it up in training.”