Reopened Sheffield library gets a head start

Volunteers take over Totley Library
Volunteers take over Totley Library
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Volunteers raised £100 towards the running of a Sheffield library on the first day that it reopened to the community.

Sheffield Council relinquished control of Totley Library, along with 14 others in the city due to budget cuts.

The library hosted a cake sale and children’s activities to mark its takeover on Saturday.

Plans were also revealed for the library’s first major fundraising event, which links to the city’s Off the Shelf literary festival this week.

Matt Kik, campaigner and now one of the trustees of the library, said: “It’s an amazing feeling to have the library open, busy and vibrant when it was so recently threatened with closure.

“This is a tribute to the tireless work of campaigners, volunteers and citizens across the community who did not want to see the doors locked on this essential local resource.

“We are delighted and humbled by the response of more than 100 volunteers who have stepped forward to help run the library.

“But our funding is only guaranteed for the first year - it will cost more than £23,000 every year to keep Totley library open, so a major fundraising effort is needed.”

Totley resident and BBC broadcaster Rony Robinson, together with poet and musician Sally Goldsmith, will preview their work for Off The Shelf at Totley Library on Monday, October 27.

Their project is a Yorkshire take on the life and work of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, who is being celebrated in the festival this year because it is 100 years since his birth.

The event starts at 7.30pm.