Removing this parking concession is wrong

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My friends and I visited the Lyceum last Tuesday evening, using the Arundel Gate NCP car park to take advantage of their prepay evening parking of £6. We could have parked further away for less, but we were happy to pay £6 for the convenience of the location.

Imagine our surprise, once we had parked, to find the prepay facility has been withdrawn. An attendant said his boss stopped the concession ‘about a month ago’. We’d have to pay full: £12.90 for four hours and 38 minutes.

The cynic in me suggests this was done in time for the World Snooker Championship, especially as there is a large sign above the entrance stating Event/Theatre Parking to encourage you to park there. When I put this to the attendant he just shrugged and didn’t really have an answer but said this had been done before and then reinstated. This time last year?

I appreciate you pay more for the convenience of parking near the theatre, but removing a concession such as this without adequate warning is plainly wrong. By the time you are able to see the charges you are already beyond the point of no return. I thought the idea was to encourage people to use the city centre, not drive them away.

Suzanne Irish-Deverill, S6