Remembering Steve Conway

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Reading the letter titled ‘songs were in our hearts’ reminded me of when I was a boy of about 11 or 12 years of age and living in the Fulwood Cottage Homes.

That was where I first heard of the late Steve Conway. That was not his real name. I believe his first name could have been James or Jimmy, but it was his singing voice which captivated me.

He had one of the most fantastic voices I have ever listened to.

He died tragically, aged 22 or 23, while being operated on in 1952 or 53. People all over the world were stunned at his passing. He would have been one of the top singers of all time, like Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra had he lived.

John Jackson, S8

Such kindness

Thank you to the person who handed in my wallet to Ecclesfield police station. Such kindness.

P Keating

Morning miracle

Woke up this morning to see miracles can really happen. Actually I saw our road being cleaned by council workmen. The first time in three years. Thank you Sheffield Council.

V Grundy, Far View Rd

Workhouse days

I’M furious that the likes of Southern Cross Care Homes and their landlords can put patients and staff into such a state of bewilderment. Is there no compassion among the likes of these people? Are we returning to the days of the workhouse?

John Bernard King, S13