Remembering Blitz victims

ALTHOUGH I was not in Sheffield during the Blitz I am, nonetheless, of the Blitz generation.

I was a 10-year-old boy at the time, living in North Shields. The harbour was taken over by the Royal Navy and became the base for the minesweeper flotilla. A mile or so upstream was a berth for battle cruisers, destroyers and merchant ships. There was also a basin where coal was loaded on to ships known as colliers and transported to London by sea. It was also a huge centre for repairing and ship building. Like Sheffield, a prime target.

A combination of vivid memories and recent wars led me to suggest to Manor Assembly that, as Blitz victims, were buried in a mass grave in City Road Cemetery, we should hold a ceremony there. We were joined by many people, young and old, from various walks of life.

I hope any future memorial acknowledges the contribution made by a gallant, brave and, at times, scared generation, who were determined to see it through. They created the NHS and welfare state which has nurtured Britain for 60 years.

Ken Curran snr, Sheffield

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