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On the fateful day September 3, 1939 at 11.15 Britain declared War on Germany and the 2nd World war started. Millions lost their lives.

The brave personnel of the Armed forces gave their lives and had they not done so many of the freedoms and you and I take for granted – like the right to free speech- would not be available to us. Please spare a moment to pay tribute to the ultimate sacrifice each and every one of these brave souls made for us.

However today we are all in a war that will kill more people than the two great wars ever will- in your lifetime.

In 1985 millions of people were moved to see these horrific pictures at Live Aid seeing children dying of starvation in Africa I defy anybody to fail to be moved by this video, although one of my happiest moments was when they brought the same girl on stage in Live Aid II who had made a full recovery.

Today we are fighting a bigger war, one that will no doubt lead to more deaths than the great wars and starvation combined.

It is the war against obesity.

One we all need to play an active role in stopping

Starvation and obesity have the same common cause- poverty.

Generally speaking high quality, low carbohydrate food which is high in nutrition is hand produced and expensive.

Low quality, high carbohydrate, high fat food is cheap and mass produced. People who are cash poor generally speaking are time poor.

Hence you will largely see obesity in lower income backgrounds.

Those on lower incomes cannot afford personal fitness trainers, expensive gym memberships etc. If you do one thing please join in our fat loss challenge on 14 September 2014 .

James Bond

by email