Remember Ranch Hands?

Looking through my old box of bygones, I have come across a record sleeve (no record) called Cowboy Favourites by the Bill Shepherd & the Ranch Hands on a 33rpm.

It has nine songs on it and was recorded for Vivo, Families of Rainbow Records, 28/30 Hanway Street, London W1.

I just wondered if anyone could remember them?

I am also looking at a catalogue I have had since 1959 called Let’s Talk About Tankards.

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I worked as a buffer/metalsmith for the late great Arthur Wentworth who compiled it with Albert Jackson, Albert Webster and Cooper Fenton, all great smiths in their time.

I have just retired as a buffer and I have worked with some greats,including Keith Palmer, who was a top buffer in my view.

I also worked with Malc, Jed and Colin.

I hope they are still with us.

K Parkin


Woodseats library

I agree with the figures for Woodseats Library, but the reason it has dropped 89.8 per cent down is that we don’t have a library at Woodseats at the minute.

It has been knocked down and is in the process of being rebuilt and will not be ready for another year.

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It is being built with a medical centre on Chesterfield Road to replace the doctors’ surgery on Cobnar Road.

Greg Chapman

by email

n Editor’s footnote: The figures supplied by Sheffield City Council relate to January 2016 versus January 2015.

Since January there has been a weekly book collection and drop-off point at Woodseats Medical Practice on Cobnar Road – with opportunities to order new titles.