The Remain children

I see you are still getting letters from disgruntled Remain campaigners. They sound to me like little children stamping their feet and shouting '˜it's not fair, we should have won'. They lost and for good reasons.

Friday, 29th July 2016, 5:51 am
Updated Friday, 29th July 2016, 6:54 am

The Remain argument seemed to be almost entirely negative, based on the supposed horrors to come if we left the EU, not on the benefits of being in the EU. This is not surprising as there are few benefits for us of continuing our membership of a failing political experiment.

I find it breathtaking that Remain campaigners now base their argument for another referendum on the basis of alleged lies by the Leave campaign.

Remain were guilty of more and worse lies, half truths, exaggerations and deceptions than Leave and some of these were specifically meant to frighten the old and vulnerable in society, which is deplorable.

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Remainers should reflect on the fact that the longer the debate went on and the more hysterical their claims became the stronger the Leave vote became. People were not fooled, they voted to leave a failing organisation.

The EU is run by people who despise democracy and open government, who invented a political currency which is currently destroying countries and impoverishing thousands of people.

It is an organisation which is a shrinking part of world and UK trade and has managed to generate high unemployment, especially youth unemployment in many countries.

It has a failing immigration policy which, rightly or wrongly, is putting many people in fear of their lives.

We made the right decision to leave.

We will be better off out.


Bents Green