Religion can be good but it is not for me

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Having read the recent articles on the imminent extinction of the Anglican Church, I have to say is there any wonder?

Many younger people such as myself, have strayed from the stuffy, conservative teachings this institution has bleated out for the past 2015 years.

Of course, the church has tried to modernise itself with the appointing of female vicars and bishops , and to also partially recognising homosexuality.

However, I do not think this is enough. We are moving on too quickly for any religion to ever keep up.

Whenever advances in medical treatment, such as stem cell research, or the right to die are debated, it is religion that objects so abruptly, telling us it is against god.

Couldn’t the same thing be said about restarting the heart, when we are told that death is god’s will?

Of course we are also told that while the Anglican church is diminishing, Islam has increased. Yes, Islam is going to increase, purely because of a higher birth rate among Muslims and higher immigration.

The papers also stated that it is the congregation numbers that have fallen. This is also true.

However, I class my self as a Christian, albeit non-practising.

I celebrate Christmas, putting the angel on the top of the tree every year. I also celebrate Easter, and that doesn’t mean with tons of Easter Eggs, either.

My dad has always said you can be a good Christian, but do not have to be a church-goer.

I firmly believe that he is right. I also believe that a common ground among people of different faiths, or no faith is the only thing we need to practise.

The lack of practising Christians will not change the workings of our country, as all our laws are secular laws, applying to everyone, whatever their religion.

Religion is a very good thing, when practised properly, but given the recent atrocities by IS, as well as all the atrocities that every religion has committed at some time, I’m afraid it’s not for me.

Matthew Hobson

by email