Reject this store plan

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I WAS shocked when I heard Sheffield Council had recommended that the planning committee approve the application from ASDA to build a store near Crystal Peaks.

This is particularly puzzling in that the main reason local people were in favour of this was the purported creation of 450 jobs.

Local traders at Crystal Peaks are rightly worried that this development will lead to the demise of their businesses.

Studies have shown that most of a new supermarket’s trade comes from existing businesses, 84 to 100% of it.

These small shops are already struggling to survive. A reduction in trade such as this will mean these etailers will be unable to survive. There are already empty units at Crystal Peaks; if this ASDA is built this situation will only get worse.

It is estimated that for every job generated at Wal-Mart one and a half jobs are lost elsewhere.

In the longer term, far from creating jobs this ASDA will result in fewer local jobs.

The profits from a company such as ASDA, which is owned by the American giant Wal-Mart, usually go abroad and are not spent locally as would be the case for small business owners. So the local economy, which is already struggling, will get worse.

Wal-Mart thrives on undercutting competitors. One new ASDA store boasts that it will sell things ‘10 per cent cheaper than our rivals’.

So what happens when all the rivals have been eliminated? Prices will only remain low where there is competition, so these super bargains will be short-lived.

Regardless of this, is it really worth saving a few pence if we lose jobs in other stores in return for low-wage, probably part-time, employment?

I thought there were tight planning restrictions on out-of-town superstores.

ASDA has managed to open a lot of new stores recently due to its takeover of NETTO, none of these are new developments.

I wonder if it’s because this is a brownfield site.

I just hope the planning committee have more sense than Sheffield Council and reject this application for the good of the community it represents.

Maureen Edwards, Rainbow Way, Sheffield S12