Reinstate fountains for thirsty city folk

So some brilliant boffin with an IQ of more than four has come up with the idea of having top up water fountains around city and town centres for the H2O addicts to re-fill their plastic bottles instead of throwing them away and purchasing a new one.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 05 February, 2018, 06:33
Public drinking fountain at the base of what was the Crimean monument at Moorhead, The fountain is just behind the post box.

You have to hand it to the marketing men to have convinced the sheep that we should buy bottles of water and carry them about.

This phenomenon was never seen before the late Sixties. Before that little lads and lasses going for a walk in the country took a Tizer bottle full of water straight from the tap along with doorstep jam sandwiches.

I’ve always thought that Sheffield’s water was Corporation Wine and the thought of buying a bottle of water is just laughable. After all we do not live in areas of Africa where animals and people do their whoopsies in the water they drink.

Here in Sheffield you could find water on tap.

Around the town, two still exist but are in a terrible state, one is the Montgomery Memorial fountain on Broad Lane near Red Hill, the other is on the old Town Hall on Castle Street.

I’m afraid these and others around the city should have been kept and maintained but it costs money and the council would rather spend on tea, coffee and biscuits and other stupid pursuits.

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For one brand of bottled water, Volvic, the TV advert shows Stone Age men being threatened by the times they live in, by volcanoes and such.

The message is that it’s taken millions of years to produce this purest of water, then, you buy a bottle and lo and behold on the label it has a sell-by date.

Incredible, you just couldn’t make it up but then again someone did.

Reinstate the fountains for the thirsty of the city and stop producing plastic bottles that threaten us all in one way or another.

Green Giant

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